My name is Dave Thomas, I am a web designer/front end developer from Mississauga. I like to take new ideas and designs and make them work in an accsessible manner across all browsers.

Featured Projects

XHTML/CSS Templates for Toronto.com/torstardigital

A key part of my roll as a Production Designer at Toronto.com/torstardigital was to create managable XHTML/CSS templates of the designs created by the Sr Designer. These designs would then either be integreated into the back end code by myself or another Web Developer. The below templates are examples of these templates I created. The links will open in a new window.

Flyercenter Design - Photoshop

On this project I was asked to come of with a look and feel for a service called Flyer Center. I was given very little direction outside of a wire frame. This was an interesting challenge for me as it was my first corporate design.

Toronto.com ad creative for print - Photoshop

Occasionally, print work trickles down my way, while not my preffered medium I can hold my own when nessecary. Here are some examples of some print work I have done for Toronto.com

Great Big Sea Site Design - Photoshop

These are all mock ups of re-designs for GreatBigSea.com. I was asked to create 3 entirely differentmock ups so they could chose which direction to approve. I met the mark and the designs have been submitted to the client.


Dave Thomas



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